Hello World!

I'm Victor Torres, a software engineer/web developer, blockchain and augmented reality enthusiast. My passion for technology and coding began in my early years of life and eventually found myself working as a web developer, generating solutions for local businesses.

Soon after, I discovered the potential of virtual and augmented reality and the power of blockchain technology.

After that I quickly became a passionate advocate of these technologies, and began to develop applications and projects that make use of these technologies. I've since worked on a number of APIs, web2 websites and developed several web applications for web3 projects. I'm looking forward to learning more and collaborate with different people, solving diverse problems.

Also, I have a deep interest in virtual reality, and I'm currently exploring the potential for applications within the virtual/augmented reality sphere that facilitate the development of new and innovative applications across all industries

I'm committed to helping people understand the potential of new technologies, and constantly looking for new ways to use these technologies to improve people's lives. I'm an active member of these technologies communities and always looking for new ways to contribute to the development of the industry.



I love to spend my time reading, here's a list of my favorite books so far:


Here are some of my Pixel Art creations.

bvdcat street pixel art made by biccspixel art forest made by biccsmadville pixel art gif made by biccsvillinz pixel art gif made by biccsMF DOOM profile picture pixel art made by biccs

Other stuff...

  • Going to the gym - exercising the body keeps the mind active
  • FPV Drones - It keeps me entertained and allows me to explore different areas I wouldnt be able to without it
  • Basketball - I've played basketball since elementary school, won several state championships, went to a international tournament representing Mexico and got 3rd place at a national tournament - ball is life